Decorative Barrels


Decorative Barrels
wooden barrels of any diameters and sizes are traditional hand-made of wood from Polish forests. The barrels are usually made of cheaper wood (alder, birch, pine, spruce), but on request they can be made of oak or exotic species such as iroko (kambala), merbau, teak and others. Barrels can be designed as shelves for bottles, wine racks, tables and seats, decorations of pubs, restaurants, wine cellars, trade fair stands or as advertising stands. Large barrels can also be the casing of a traditional smokehouse or well. Barrels are also perfect in gardens as unusual flowerpots, casks for water or other decoratives. The barrels may have black steel, galvanized or stainless steel hoops. They can be dark stained and / or impregnated, and on each barrel can be placed logo, inscriptions, etc.

beczkakasa inne
Barrels 90x60 cm raw pine, and big barrel with a roof, varnished pine

Barrel with door, 100x70 cm, impregnated alder, black steel hoops

Counter with barrel elements

beczka135x115fi 2
Pine barrel 135x115 cm as a refrigerator casing, galvanized steel hoops

beczka studnia
Oak barrel 100x100 cm as a garden well casing

125x110 sosna1
125x110 sosna2
Pine barrel 125x110 cm as a refrigerator casing

90x60 singleton
Alder barrel 90x60 cm impregnated for oak, with logo

beczka90x60 slub
Alder barrel 90x60 cm impregnated for teak, with inscriptions

Beczki siedziska 015
Alder barrels as a table and seats for a garden

Oak barrel as a casing for beer pourer

Barrels - lodges