Oak flowerpots DX
A wide range of top quality pots made of oak staves. Varnished, reinforced with steel galvanized hoops, available in a wide range of colors. The best pots for all types of flowers, trees, shrubs, palms both indoors and outdoors. Due to the material used, they keep the root system of plants close to the constant temperature. Oak flowerpots are hardy, they can be used outdoors throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.
We also make pots from other types of wood (including alder, pine) in individual shapes, sizes and finishing variants for individual orders.

dx2 nolina
Oak flowerpot DX2 30/21 cm

Oak flowerpot DX10 54/40 cm brown

dx13 natarasie
Oak flowerpot DX13 44/35 cm

dx8 natarasie2 stara
Oak flowerpot DX8 46/50 cm, used for over 10 years

donica90x80cm olcha
Alder flowerpot 90x80 cm, used for over 3 years

donica80x40dab stara
Oak tub 80 x 40 cm, used for over 10 years as a flowerbed

Alder barrels as decorative flowerpots