Hot Tubs


Hot Tubs / Round Basins
Round basins made entirely of wood, are very popular in Scandinavian countries. Designed primarily for cooling baths after sauna visits. A steel, wood-burning stove can be included (in a set with a 2m high chimney made of stainless steel) for heating the water, which makes outdoor baths fun regardless of the season. Tubs are made of larch or oak, but can also be made with exotic species such as iroko (kambala), feature an internal bench for extra comfort. Due to the significant height of the sides, entry is by a small ladder or steps. Wood is impregnated with oil, with possible additional painting and a wooden removable cover. The round basins have stainless steel hoops, optionally with a screw adjustment. The bottom is additionally protected on the underside with a silicon layer.
Dimensions from 90 cm diameter up to 200 cm, height 100 cm in standard. The stove is usually installed from 140 cm diameter.

baliafi200 dab
Oak basin 200 cm diameter

Oak hot tub 180 cm diameter

baliafi140 dab
Oak basin 140 cm diameter

baliafi100x50 ogrod
Oak tub 100 cm diameter for the garden, with a bucket in set

regulacja obreczy
We recommend the screw regulation wherever there is a large variation in humidity / temperature, regulation prevent hoops from going away the bathtub body