Pails, Buckets, Mugs
We offer traditional wooden vessels for sauna, home and garden.

wiadro 5l olchawiadro5L skopek
Buckets 5L made of alder

wiadro braz sznur
Sauna pail 15L, varnished alder, stainless steel hoops and fixing, waterproof rope

cooler 70 23x23cm
Bucket 5L 'cooler', complete with a wooden board for cups

Sauna pail 2.5L, alder

ceber 50x40 sosna
Decorative pail 50x40 cm, pine

ceber brodzik 80x30 cm
Shower tray - tub 80 x 30 cm, oak

ceber do sushi 60x15
Pail for sushi 'hangiri' 60x15 cm, raw alder, stainless steel hoops

wanienka70x30 1
Tub 70x30x50 cm, pine

balia ogrod fi 100 cm
Tub 100x50 cm, oak

pierogarnia 1
Alder bucket as a lamp in a restaurant

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