Bathtubs with acrylic inserts
Unique wooden bathtubs for sauna or bathrooms made of alder, larch or exotic wood iroko / kambala (other kinds of woods on individual orders). Available with acrylic insert in white or cream, with a full overflow system. Dimensions 150 x 78 x 70 cm (length x maximum width x height). Wood impregnated with oil (iroko) or varnished (alder, larch). The bathtubs have stainless steel hoops, optionally with adjustment.

w150w olcha b
Bathtub W150w olcha (alder)

Wooden bathtubs
Unique wooden bathtubs made in various sizes, shapes and from different types of wood. Impregnated with oil or varnished, with stainless steel hoops, optionally with screw regulation. Wooden bathtubs are fully usable, although in contrast to bathtubs with acrylic insert require additional maintenance.

Bathtub W120 dąb (oak)

w90r modrzew
Bathtub W100 modrzew (larch) with additional shelf

w170r dabw170r dab2
Bathtub W180r dąb (oak) with hoops regulations, additional backrest and shelfs

regulacja obreczy
We recommend the screw regulation wherever there is a large variation in humidity / temperature, regulation prevent hoops from going away the bathtub body

Other wooden bathtubs
We can make a luxurious wooden bathtub or a bathtub casing according to your design. It can be, for example, a 'rectangular' bathtub. On request, we also make basins (or their casing) on the basis of a barrel, both in sets with bathtubs or designed separately..
Casing for iroko bathtub 180 cm

obudowa merbau
Casing made of merbau wood for bathtub 180 cm

Bathtub 180 cm dąb (oak), 'rectangular'

Barrels Basins
On request, we make barrels for washbasins, also in sets with bathtubs. We can offer various solutions

Oak barrel 80x60 cm for ceramic basin

beczkapodumywalke olcha80x50
Barrel - shelf for ceramic basin, 80 x 50 cm, varnished alder

umywalka2czesciowa 80x50
Barrel - shelf with integrated pail, 80 x 50 cm, varnished alder

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