Beczka Polska - Polish Cooperage


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Cooperage has constituted an indispensable part of the wooden industry for ages. Coopers, by means of wooden staves, produce different kinds of articles such as barrels, vats or other utensils. In the 3rd and 4th centuries the Slavs already knew and used the utensils made of staves - mostly buckets with metal fittings and barrels to store wine and honey. Wooden buckets, casks and mugs constituted the basis of each home , whereas buckets or crocks were widely used in contemporary water - supply systems. People used different kinds of wood to make the products such as pikes, firs or, finally, oaks. Cooperage was distinguished as a separate brand of craft in the early Middle Ages. Then, next to specialized cooperage there was a craft closer to us - home cooperage. Nowadays, barrels are still used as utensils to store the best kinds of wine and are used at homes as utensils serving us every day.

Beczka Polska represents a group of Polish coopers who make barrels, casks, vats and other products according to previous technologies. These are both usable and artistic products. The main idea of our functioning is the willingness to bring you, nearer to this history by products that are still made by means of the same traditional methods as several hundreds of years ago on the Polish territories.